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Edible Container

The Edible Container is a unique edible packaging for a wide variety of foods and dishes based on sugar-free waffle dough.

The Edible Container is a completely closed volume (capsule) formed by two identical modules overlapping each other. Thanks to the tight spike connection of the modules, the main product (like salad or mashed potatoes), does not fall out of the edible structure from the first to the last bite.

The Edible Container is a convenient way to eat on the go, WITHOUT utensils, WITHOUT cutlery, almost NO packaging waste.

The global spread of fast food makes the Edible Container extremely relevant all over the world. This product is very easy and efficient to use, it will give consumers a variety of choices and a cleaner environment.

Sales Tool

Edible Container offers the maximum variety of foods and meals for fast food consumers.

The new product is an edible shell that makes the very fact of eating (staples/fillings) in low-comfort street conditions possible.

The Edible Container is an effective sales tool for retailers and food producers. First of all, it is designed for products and dishes previously «neglected» by fast food, such as: salads, honey, cottage cheese, and many others, including national dishes.

Product Audience

Who is the Edible Container addressed to?
To consumers

The new product addresses the largest (global) consumer audience, which does not have any significant national, age, social or other restrictions around the world.

To producers

To producers of fast food and semi-finished products, producers of ice cream and confectionery products as well as to producers of products for health and sports.

To distributors

In cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, street fast food, as a product for vending machines.

To points of sale

To all means of transportation, train stations, airports, offices, educational facilities, and retail chains.

Shapes and sizes

Edible Containers can come in a wide variety of silhouettes — hundreds of variations of edible shells.

Edible Containers can be symmetrical (assembled from two absolutely identical modules) or asymmetrical (assembled from differently designed top and bottom modules). Modules of asymmetrical Edible Containers are produced on different molds.

The principle of spiked module connection is implemented in all forms and sizes of Edible Container — from small (confectionery), to medium (the most common in the fast food format).

Edible Constructor

The new technology allows you to create your own Edible Containers on the principle of a children’s construction set — assembling them from modules different in profile, but unified in their spike silhouette. Such a possibility will be useful for the confectionery assortment and in the production of products for children.

Health and Environment

The Edible Container is able to provide consumers with wide access to healthier foods and meals, thereby improving the lives of millions of people.

The new product requires no packaging or cutlery, thereby reducing the amount of cardboard and plastic trash that accompanies fast food around the world.



A unique technology based on the use of unparalleled equipment has been developed and is used to bake the Edible Container modules.

The modules have a slightly longer baking cycle than a standard wafer cup. The basic material is sugar-free wafer batter.

Storage time of modules in unfilled state — up to 60 days.

There is a briquettable version of the Edible Container, the modules of which are stacked into each other to form dense briquettes.

At the moment, production technology continues to improve — this applies to module design, formulations, all technological processes and equipment.

According to leading experts in the field of industrial wafer baking lines (with a market share of over 65%), this technology is adaptable for mass production.


The first patent for the Edible Container invention was obtained in Russia in early 2018.

In 2021, patents for the invention were obtained in China, South Korea and Japan.

At this point, the process of copyright protection is ongoing in several dozen Western countries.

All obtained patents protect both the product itself (Edible Container) and the equipment for its production.

In 2021, the Edible Container product received a U.S. Congressional copyright.


At present, small-scale production of a number of Edible Container samples is in progress. Small production batches are intended for testing modules with different food fillers, packaging and storage conditions.

Some products are also produced for promotional purposes.


About us

The Edible Container project is based at Kubansky Bacon LLC, located in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The company is engaged in mass production of frozen semi-finished products, the range of which is about 150 items. The production volume is up to 2,000 tons of finished products per month.


For companies interested in new Edible Container product and technology of its production we offer cooperation in the following areas:
  • Manufacturing of original equipment
  • Development and improvement of technology
  • Distribution of finished products
  • Licensing of products and technology of its production


  • Dear colleagues,

    The project — an Edible Container for the first time will participate in an international exhibition. 

    You can get acquainted with new products at the World Food 2022 exhibition in Istanbul from 1 to 4 September

    We will be glad to see you at our booth F115.

  • In March 2022, a ned the Edible Container project was launched.